RX 5700 EOL | testing RX 5600 XT ETHEREUM performance !?

Sad news for RX 5700 as they have been absolute best mining cards lately for ROI. Most of the brands like MSI and Sapphire , they are now EOL. The XT version is still produced. Still a very good option but slightly more expensive then the non XT version for the same performance.

Just wanted to test out little brother RX 5600XT. After tests seems like a decent mining farm.

Efficiency rating is slightly better for power usage for hash then RX 5700 . But the RX 5700 is bout 0.7 usd cheaper for 1 mh/s. If the electric rate you pay is high then in long-term the days of ROI could be about the same.

Current time of ROI for 12xgpu mining rig is roughly 300 days at current ETH price and mining difficulty.

Performance :

  • 42mh/s
  • @100w from the wall
  • OC (910 mem , Core 1100, PL 100)

I have created also google spreadsheet to compare few of the cards efficiency . – https://bit.ly/3jLAzjK

Full video review  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDuz3L3IX9o

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